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wishesbee.com is the ultimate website for Android Apps and Games collection. Here you can download all Android APK Files for free.

At wishesbee.com Website we provide all the newest and popular Android Apps & Games with all features and downloads. Users can read all the best features, system requirements, and more.

Founded in May 2020 as an attempt, it turned into a passion and later into a responsibility to help people in the find and download the Android apps & games for free. As wishesbee.com created by our wishesbee Team continues to extend our readership and provides all the necessary information to our visitors.

Below is the list of all employees on our blog.

General Coordinator

Elizabeth Phillips



David Anderson


Graphic Specialist

Paul Hernandez


Our Editors

Laura Smith


Thomas Jackson


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You can ask anything you wonder about our contents by sending an e-mail to our colleagues above. Happy blogging .. ❤

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